Water Bladder Storage:

Water bladder storage has become very popular in South Africa and especially Cape Town. In fact although the drought is so to say over. More and more South Africans are using water bladders during there swimming pool maintenance or repairs.

There comes a time in every pool owners life when there swimming pools needs to be drained. If its for maintenance, to repair a leak or to re-fibreglass or marblite there pool, it needs to be done. Yes it is a stressful process between getting the right contractor to do the job and then on-top of that the question of “What to do with the water?”

In a previous post, I touched on the average swimming pool that can roughly supply water to one South African for 500 days. However there are more benefits to water bladder storage for the home owner and the contractor. Here are the two main reasons as to why it is better to store your pool water than buying in new water.

1. Cost Effective

To store your water is going to work out far cheaper than buying in water. The average price to buy in water now is between R 0.25 and R 0.60 a liter. Storing your pool water for an average of 5 days will work out 50% cheaper, and 10 days will work out 25% cheaper.

But what if my water is dirty? There are ways to treat the water and allow all the dirt to settle to the floor before pumping it into the bladders.


2. Time Saving

We know that all contractors are pressed for time. As well as the home owner wants the job done quickly but also professionally. So we offer a service where we come out to drain the pool a day before the contractor will commence work. Then empty the bladders once completed with the project. This saves the contractor two days of time and labour cost which takes some pressure off the entire project.

You also have to spend more time and money treating the water. Borehole water still needs to be treated so at the end of the entire project you would have spent more money and time on chemicals.


Water Bladder Storage

2 x 20 000l Water Bladders

 Here I only touch on two reasons why it is important to save your pool water which benefit both parties. Not to mention saving the natural resource.

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