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Water Bladders are the new way to store your swimming pool water. The Water Bank will store your water whilst your contractor is carrying out maintenance to your Swimming pool, Home or Fire Protection. We are able to store 450 000l of water at a time.
Temporary water storage has become a necessity in South Africa not just because water is scarce but because we realize the value of every drop of water.

 We hire out bladders in the Cape Town region.


Water Bladders

Save the water you have instead of incurring the heavy

cost of buying water. Water storage bladders allows for easily storing water, as well as easy transport. Bladder rentals are a quick and easy way to save 1000’s of liters of water. A bladder is the new solution to storing pool water. Our team at The Water Bank will drain your swimming pool and reinstate the water at your request.

 The Water Bank also offer supplying and fitment of Backwash tanks. Backwashing a swimming pool uses a minimum of 350 liters at a time. By having a backwash tank the water that would have gone down the drain will be filtered and can be put back into the swimming pool, leaving only the dirt to go to waste.

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What Our Clients Say

Clinton Burrows

Clinton Burrows


"Very efficient and friendly service. "We go the extra mile"is not just a saying with these guys, they really did for us and we highly recommend them. Easy to use and great online support if needed. Thanks Guys."

Simon Cockett

Simon Cockett


We needed some pool work done, and these guys came to the party to save us a fortune in refill costs. Fantastic service, efficient and punctual. They kept us in the loop the whole time. Even advising down to a 5 minute arrival window.

Priya D

Priya D


Messaged ... Immediate call back. Water bladder arrived within 1.5 hours. All requests dealt within an hour. Even refund paid within 2 days. Amazing service. Highly recommend.


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