Water Bladder:

We specialize in on site water storage using water bladders. A water bladder makes it possible to store the water you have on site whilst carrying out maintenance. Our main client base is the swimming pool industry and the fire protection industry.

We hire out these water bladders on a day to day basis and we are able to store water in various quantities in 10 000l and 20 000l water bladder. We are able to store or accommodate 450 000l of water at a given time.

Our bladders are user friendly and easy to transport.

  • Delivery and Collection
  • Drainage of Pool and Bladder
  • Water Bladders are able to stand up to 100m away from where it is pumped out.

Save by storing the water you have rather than incurring high costs to refill your swimming pool.

Pricing for Water Bladders below:

10 000l Bladders: Space required 4.6m x 4.4m Price: R200.00 /day

20 000l Bladders: Space required 6.6m x 6.6m Price: R400.00 /day

20 000l Bladders: Space required 4m x 5.0m Price: R400.00 /day

Level ground.

Drop sheets can be supplied if needed.

Drainage: R1000.00 For filling and emptying.

Refundable deposit: Calculated on the length of the rental. The rental will be deducted from the deposit and the balance refunded.

Pool Covers:

We supply and install PVC Pool Covers and PVC Safety Covers.

The main feature of a PVC Pool Cover is to eliminate water evaporation and provide a  safe environment for
Children and Pets.

Our PVC Pool Covers are made from 600g/m2 PVC Sheeting.

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Water Bladder

2 x 10 000l Water Bladders for Pool


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