Solid PVC Pool Covers:

Our pool covers are made from reinforced pvc sheeting which weighs 600g/m2. The PVC is supported by aluminum pools which run across the width of the swimming pool and is tensioned with the use of hooks and rachets on either end of the cover. For that reason making it a secure cover over your swimming pool rather than having an heavy pool cover which is not user friendly.

There are many benefits of having a Solid PVC Pool Cover but above all, is to eliminate water evaporation and provide a safer environment around your swimming pool. This is probably number one for all swimming pool owners, but it certainly does a lot more than that…

Reasons why the aluminum poles are added across the pool cover is to support the cover while making it safe and easy to operate. We most certainly know that making the your pool cover user friendly is very important. Once you have your pool cover you really start to notice the benefits of having one. Another benefit of the pool cover is that when it rains, the water will be directed into the drainage holes which will allow the rain water to drain from the cover into the swimming pool rather than using a frustrating pool cover that is heavy to open and close.


Below is a list of even more advantages of having a pool cover:

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Advantages of Solid PVC Pool Covers:

  1. Reduce Water Consumption.
  2. Creates A Safe Environment.
  3. Reduces Chlorine Consumption.
  4. Reduces Running Time On Your Pool Pump.
  5. Increases Water Temperature.
  6. Reduces Heating Time for Heated Pools by 40% by Retaining Water Temperature.
  7. Avoids Surface damage From The Run.
  8. Easy and User Friendly

We are able only able to assist with the supply and installation of your new pool cover in Cape Town, Western Cape. Furthermore we can supply nationwide with easy install DIY pool covers right to your door.

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