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Water bladders or pool bladder hire has become popular in the past two years in Cape Town and around South Africa. Since 2017 we managed to help save over 3 million liters of water. However, many people are not aware of the benefits that come with storing your water. Be it your pool, industrial geysers or fire protection systems. Water bladders allow us to prevent wastage.

In most cases, water storage is more cost effective than refilling a swimming pool. Below I will give you a few benefits of pool bladder hire.

pool bladder hire

Cost To Store Water

Storing water is cheaper than buying in water. If you do the math, the cost of 10 000l of water today is R0.25 liter. Which works out to R2 500.00. You can store this water for 5 days and it will run you about R1 000.00.  On average, repairs can take between 2 and 4 days. So why would you throw that water away?

water bladders for hire cape town

Reusing The Water:

Most times clean, treated water is dumped when pool repairs are carried out. When this happens the new water needs to cleaned or treated. When you store the existing water in a water bladder, the balanced water is returned into the swimming pool. Most people whom have swimming pools will realize the saving already before i mention it. Yes, buying chemicals and having water tested to get it the correct levels. Truth be told, chemicals can run you a few hundred rands.

But what if your pool water is green or black?

99% of the time its the refection of the dirt on the floor of the pool that creates the illusion that the water is dirty. In such a case we carefully drain the water without removing the debris from the floor or the surface of the pool. We then waste the last bit of water with the sludge etc. Thus saving the majority of the water.

water bladder hire


In conclusion, pool bladder hire or water bladder hire is an effective way to save water and money. By reusing water we protect our water resources as well. Small efforts really go a long way.


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