Water Storage

Fun fact, South Africa is one of the very few countries in the world where our municipal water is drinkable. Water storage bladders could be the answer to help saving our drinking water.

South Africans have become smarter and more responsible about the way they use water. Things like two minute showers and reusing bath water to flush the toilet may have seemed like a long shot only two years ago, but this has beco

Water Storage

2 x 10 000l Water Bladders for Swimming Pools

me a reality. There are more ways to save water and yes every little does count, but what about all the unseen wastage we don’t see.

Water Storage Bladders

During swimming pool renovations, thousands of liters of water are wasted daily. By saving water on the average swimming pool, you’ll be shocked and what a difference it makes.

By saving 25 000l of water will equal to one South Africans water usage for 500 days, given only 50 liters a day is used. That is 1.36 years of drinking water that would have originally been thrown away.

When doing any sort of work that requires municipal water to be disposed, water storage bladders can be used to safeguard our precious resource. When doing swimming pool maintenance, the oldest and regular practice for years was to throw the swimming pool water down the drain. Therefore resulting in refilling the swimming pool by opening of the tap.

In my opinion this is not a very bright idea. Fortunately this is no longer standard prices.

How To Save Your Pool Water?

You are now able to save your existing water by storing it on site by pumping the water into water storage bladders. The water is stored on site until the pool maintenance or repairs are completed.

For example, if your swimming pool has a leak or a crack in it. It is most probably losing water or even if the pool needs a face lift. There is no need to throw the water down the drain. Store it in a bladder till it can be used again. Swimming pool sizes vary from 10 000 liters to 100 000 and needless to say, this is a lot of water. Usually wasted, and needs to be replaced. By doing on site water storage, you are able to use the water you have instead of replacing it.

Refilling your swimming pool after draining takes thousands of liters of our precious resources daily, not to mention the cost involved. Save water by storing water. The Drought is a reality and affecting all of us. Lets face this problem together and overcome the obstacle.


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